Our Afterwork Events

Your daily highlight

An afterwork event is the highlight of the day, something you look forward to joyfully throughout the day. Finally free. Let’s go! To a party that offers everything!
The evening is spent in a chic bar and when there is a tasting on the program, the party really gets going.

Having fun and enjoying great events

What can be better than that?

Exactly: enjoying an event in a group, together with friends! Wherever they take place, in Palma de Mallorca or another fascinating place: Group events have a special charm that can’t be experienced alone. Going out and having fun is the answer to banal everyday life but doing it in a group is the little extra of joy and action that unites even more the circle of friends.

Palma de Mallorca is famous as a location for events of all kinds; 

Group events in the sun, with a soft sea breeze, simply great.

If we go out, then we do it with those we love the most, the friends, the gang. Thus, the after work event becomes that part of the day of which we have the best of memories. Celebrating with our loved ones: Up to the bar where exciting experiences await us!