Going out and enjoying Palma de Mallorca

Craft Beers & Gin Tonics

To go out for drinking can be easy but at the same time complex. Life is simply too short for bad taste. An evening in Palma de Mallorca is something to treat yourself. And then it is important to take the advantage of the situation to go out for a bar. If it is still warm in the early evening, tasty drinks are the best. If you like it a bit tangy, you can also start with a gin and tonic. As things develop and the evening progresses you will usually note that a good bar has much more to offer than tasty drinks and gin and tonic.

Explore Craft Beers

International as well as regional

At Bar11, we have decided that enjoyment is very important and that we choose the path that we think is the best. We have put together a great selection of international and regional craft beers. Discover your favorites together with us!

Craft Beer & Gin Tonic

With us you will get to know the advantages of craft beer and learn to mix your own gin and tonic!

You would like to learn more about craft beer or learn how to make your own gin and tonic? We look forward to your visit to one of our workshops or tastings! Further information can be found under Events & Groups or just follow us on Facebook.

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Craft Beers

If you like beer, the most important magic word in this context is craft beer. While many types of beer have become more and more similar in flavor over the last few decades and the bittering agents have been reduced, Craft Beer consistently relies on the right amount of hops. Craft beer is about reviving individuality and craftsmanship. And you can taste it! Since there are now dozens of varieties of aroma hops, one can go out every night on vacation and go to bed with a different taste on the tongue. To try this diversity means to learn to enjoy properly and to live.